How Do Writers Not Go Insane?

Ashley Amber
2 min readSep 26, 2023

How do writers not go insane?

I have so many stories, characters and ideas screaming at me all at once, all the time.

So a combination of maternal instincts and guilt kicks in. When I focus on one, I feel like I’m neglecting the others. When I try to give them all equal amounts of attention, I burn out.

I’m currently juggling my writing job that pays the bills, (slowly but surely) writing the third book in the Flip Side Series, querying my manuscript, and gearing up to start live-blogging the new season of Dancing With The Stars for my other job. Throw another 3 WIPs collecting dust on my computer on top and you’ve got insanity.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

But I can’t wait to feel that utter satisfaction of getting to write about my other passion as I live-blog. And I can’t wait to finally see TFSOS3 in the hands of my readers, when you’ll all find out what comes next for James Letta, because that ending is a doozy. I look forward to one day receiving an offer of representation from a literary agent or publisher; the one that will finally introduce you all to Noah and Ronan. And I’m excited to eventually begin the rewriting process of my first novella and continue the story of my one YA horror ensemble, because right now their lives have been put on hold.

I know all of these stories will find homes someday. I know all of these characters will meet the world, and all of these ideas will come together. But until then, I guess all I can do is just keep writing into insanity.