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As someone who has been writing since I was 9 years old, I’ve dwelled in a writer’s block or two.

My worst case of this dreaded bug was a few years back. After spending my late teens/early 20’s drafting some novels, I eventually went down different career paths that led me to things like making pizzas, teaching students how to ballroom dance and hosting magical events for Disney. I got so busy, focused on these potential career paths, that I completely gave up on the one career that I’ve always envisioned for myself.

I left my unfinished novel on my…

It was almost a month ago to the day that I began cramming in as many festive movies as I could, the days until Christmas ticking away on the advent calendar.

From classics like Home Alone and Christmas Vacation to new favorites like A Christmas House, I watched them all.

But on this Saturday evening, my movie of choice was The Man Who Invented Christmas.

This 2017 film tells the tale of how Charles Dickens came to write A Christmas Carol. …

The Struggle of Naming Book Characters

Name Generators. Baby Name Websites. Irish Surnames.

Any other writers have an incredibly difficult time coming up with names for their characters?

I can never use a name that reminds me of basically ANYTHING. Sometimes the perfect name just comes to me, but other times I need to do a lot of searching! Because Kelly is my mother and Steve was my boss and Nicole was my arch enemy in elementary school…

See my problem?

Another disadvantage I sometimes have is the fact that my story takes place in Ireland, so I always feel…

Ashley Amber Author

I’m aspiring author Ashley Amber and clearly I like me some alliteration.

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